We are a unique company offering specialist spa design and consultancy coupled with the creation of some of the most exciting hydrothermal bathing experiences in the world.


We are a unique company offering specialist spa design and consultancy coupled with the creation of some of the most exciting hydrothermal bathing experiences in the world. 

Whether you are seeking to create a beautiful home spa or a cutting edge, state of the art commercial spa as a stand alone facility or as part of a hotel, condominium or resort development, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Our specialist skills are available individually or collectively as a turnkey solution, when we can bring together our extensive network of partners to provide a professional project design team.

There isn’t a project too large, too small or too far away as we have representative partners all over the world.


In a world where brands have increasingly important profile, we are frequently commissioned to write performance specifications and prepare corporate ‘wet spa standards’ ensuring brand association and loyalty will never be compromised as guests become ever more adventurous in their travel habits, with the added benefit of enabling ease of staff mobility and clear, concise and globally effective operating standards.

The extensive experience of the Design for Leisure team has seen us becoming increasingly sought after as Expert Witnesses to the legal profession and we are pleased to add these services to our skills. Additionally, we have identified the need within our industry for regular inspections of facilities within our industry, where a professional eye is required to identify risks posed by out dated, damaged or poorly maintained equipment that could lead to a claim against the operator.



What We Do

Spa Design & Consultancy

Design for Leisure, together with selected and appropriate partners to suit the specific project, will collaborate with the client and their professional team to produce a design concept that is unique and fulfills the objective of the owner and spa operator to create a beneficial and authentic spa experience for their guests. Commercially astute, the team will develop a facility to suit the budget and available real estate to ensure a successful and profitable spa is created every time.

The concept is the individual philosophy from which everything else flows and develops. It is the synergy between the location, culture, product and people that guides and defines each further stage in the developmental process of the spa and the wet area ‘journey’ for guests.


This philosophy will be at the "leading edge" of the rapidly evolving spa industry, drawing on the team's knowledge of the global spa market and experience gained from working on some of the most prestigious and successful projects in the world.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Concept, Schematic and Detailed Design Stages
  • Construction Documents and Bid Packages
  • Wet/Hydrothermal Area Technical Design
  • Pool Design
  • Natural Hot Springs Specialists
  • Interior Architecture
  • Construction Supervision and Inspection

Wet Spa Standards

Design for Leisure’s ability to provide conception to completion services gives credence to our ability to realize everything we design can be done so in a manner that is efficient and cost effective to build and operate. 

We specialize in assisting Operating Groups that want to be able to provide owners, partners and developers of future projects, whether they be new build or remodels, falling within the Group’s brands, a set of design ‘standards’ for wet spa areas which clearly outlines the hydrothermal features, space utilisation, equipment specifications and types of finishes that are in line with brand standards.

Wet area standards can serve as design guidelines that are short of being an actual blueprint to build wet spa facilities, while remaining completely ‘open’ documents in the sense that any quality manufacturer/supplier of the specialist equipment within these areas would be able to interpret and meet the criteria laid down in the document.


Our full implementation capabilities provides assurance we are actually capable of realizing the standard being designed, and gives operators the confidence their facility will actually work.

These are fee based services and the documents presented will include the following:

  • Photographic illustrations
  • Computer generated 3D renderings
  • Overall ‘typical’ concept plans
  • Simple plan and elevational drawings
  • Building Service Schedules
  • Performance Specifications for every feature in the scheme
  • Options can be provided for medium or high specification levels
  • Cut Sheets for all typical technical equipment

Expert Witness Services & Risk Assessments

Design for Leisure have represented owners/operators in the preparation of defence cases where they have found themselves in litigation as a result of claims for personal accidents by guests using their facilities.

Our services include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Fully detailed, illustrated inspection reports
  • Preparation of drawings and graphic aids to support the case
  • Research and preparation of specialist documentation in support of submittals
  • Appraisal and reporting on Depositions from the other side

We also have experience successfully representing clients in the US court system and will be happy to provide case history information on application from interested parties.

We are also able to provide references from the legal practices with whom we have worked in the past.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE – In an increasingly litigious world, we are able to offer professional facility inspection and risk assessment reporting, carrying out thorough and objective inspections, followed up with fully detailed work order recommendations for any remedial works necessary to reduce risk of accident to the users of wet spa areas.


This philosophy will be at the "leading edge" of the rapidly evolving spa industry, drawing on the team's knowledge of the global spa market and experience gained from working on some of the most prestigious and successful projects in the world.

Hydrothermal Experiences

Getting Hot

“Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease?
Hippocrates, ‘The Father of Modern Medicine’ C460-370BC

As a custom design company, we can only show you small examples of some of our past projects here, none of which may be right for you, but please don’t be deterred, we would be delighted to receive a brief from you, from which we would prepare a specific presentation.

Working from our design studios in London and Austin, Texas our team of experienced and competent designers will be able to make your vision a reality.

The incredibly versatile European materials and products with which we work offer a multitude of solutions to every problem, whilst at the same time being compliant with both EU and US Building Codes, including full compliance with CE and UL* requirements.

Our range of products incorporates the design, supply, installation and maintenance of the following:


  • Finnish Saunas
  • Steam Rooms
  • Sanarium
  • Kelo Saunas
  • Salt Inhalation/Halotherapy Rooms
  • Ice Fountains
  • Snow Caves
  • Ice Igloos
  • Chromatherapy Experiences
  • Traditional & Contemporary Hamams
  • Rasuls
  • Caldarium (Hot and steamy)
  • Laconium (Warm and radiant)
  • Tepidarium (Cool and Relaxing)
  • Frigidarium (Cold Plunge, Ice or Snow Features)
  • Refugium (Individual/Couples Relaxation or Meditation Spaces)

*There are a number of authorised testing agencies offering equal and equivalent certification to that provided by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) in the USA, such as ETL and CSA and our products may carry certification from one or more of these agencies.

Getting Cold

This is as important as getting hot, but the need to effectively cool the body is poorly understood, as are the benefits. More details on this topic are available on our ‘Downloads Page’ in the document ‘Why Should I Cool Down’. Principally bathers should ALWAYS get cold after getting hot, as this is where the true health benefits of thermal bathing can be enjoyed. Vascular expansion and constriction are the principal effects of hot/cold treatments, but the invigorating ‘feel-good’ factor is another milestone on the road to wellness as is the building up and exercising of the immune system. 

There are a number of methods that can be offered within the modern spa for cooling down:

  1. Cold Showers of various types and styles

    • Mist
    • Rain
    • Drench, Deluge or Waterfall
    • Bucket
    • Aromatic essences and ‘cold’ lighting can be incorporated
    • Space required for technology and essence reservoir/s

  2. Cold Dip or Plunge Pools

    • Temperatures of 15-18˚C/60-65˚F are typical
    • Can vary in size, but should always have steps and handrail access
    • Space required for sanitation system, filtration and chiller

  3. Ice Fountains

    • Bowls of flaked ice placed strategically in the thermal bathing areas
    • Can be filled by hand, automatically or on demand via proximity sensors
    • Restrictions can apply depending on the prevailing codes of local Public Health Departments. Not generally possible on Cruise Ships
    • Bathers can use raw ice flakes on their body or small towels can be used to make cold compresses for gentle self-massage
    • Surrounding floors should be heated and drained to facilitate prompt dispersal of dropped ice
    • Space required for location of ice flaking machine which needs periodical servicing and delivers the ice by gravity down a chute of stainless steel, glass, acrylic of other suitable material.


  1. '‘The Chill’®

    • Design for Leisure’s own product
    • Combines, cool mist, flaked ice fountain and wind chill functions in single enclosure taking up a total floor area of only 3m²/30ft²
    • All features are ‘on demand’ minimising energy costs
    • Utilises existing air cooling facilities
    • Touch screen menu to select any or all functions
    • Requires adjacent space for technology within the quoted space requirements
  2. Igloos

    • Often having many of the features included under ‘Showers’ and Ice Fountains above.
    • Have the added benefit of a permanently cool environment enabling bathers to further ‘treat’ their vascular system by deep breathing exercises with the cool air accessing the blood supply via the lungs as well as through the cutaneous surfaces of the skin.
    • Rapid and effective re-oxygenation of the lungs
    • Typically operating at between 7-13˚C/45-55˚F
    • Seats, if offered are normally heated, as are floors
    • Can have visual features created with lighting and ‘stage’ snow
    • Space required for technology adjacent to cabin
    • Recommended to have two door entry system with ‘air-lock’ style vestibule if opening on to high temperature areas such as hydrotherapy areas

  3. Snow Rooms/Caves

    • The ultimate cooling experience replicating the origins of the art of sauna bathing in Finland and Northern Europe, when snow would be used to cleanse sweaty bodies
    • Typically operating at 0˚C/32˚F
    • Benefits as with the cool air of the Igloo aiding cool air inhalation but with a more dramatic temperature of air
    • The extreme cooling will maximise the temperature differentials and give the greatest benefits of thermal change
    • Adjacent technical space is required, but minimum space requirements start at just 12m²/130ft²

  4. Energy Conservation – The heat generated by the cooling equipment described above can all be reused by employing heat recovery equipment such as heat exchangers.

Getting Wet

SPA – Salus/Sanitas Per Aquam (Latin) – “Health through water”

Water therapy has been a feature every culture for which records can be found. The human body is 70% water and therefore it derives great natural comfort when bathing in water. Initially revered for its simple cleansing powers, its natural power through waves, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, storms and thermal springs have long had much revered therapeutic effects.

Modern technology enables us to harness and scale down the effects of these natural phenomena, to recreate springs in the deserts, waterfalls in the plains, indeed anywhere a modern spa is built we have the ability to recreate and replicate the natural actions of the oceans and rivers. Not only this we can control the force of the actions, the direction, temperature and duration, all at the touch of a button.

Products offered by Design for Leisure all comply with EU and UL* standards.


Some of the therapeutic experiences offered by Design for Leisure are as follows:

  • Experiential Rain Showers
  • Kneipp Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy Pools and Tubs
  • Foot Spas
  • Steam and Storm Showers
  • Vitality Pools
  • Saline Floatation Pools and Baths
  • Vichy Showers
  • Dry Floatation Baths and Water Beds
  • Water Massage Features

*There are a number of authorised testing agencies offering equal and equivalent certification to that provided by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) in the USA, such as ETL and CSA and our products may carry certification from one or more of these agencies.

Getting Well

To compliment a world class thermal bathing suite, it is essential to have space to cool down, relax and allow the body temperature to equalise, either between bathing in warm rooms or before finally leaving the spa. Or possibly the thermal bathing experience was a pre-treatment preceding a traditional Turkish soap massage on a Hamam table.

Design for Leisure offer a range of products that can be custom designed to suit any project but generally fall into the following categories:


  • Heated Loungers
  • Heated Hamam Tables
  • Heated Seats, Benches and Thrones
  • Tepidarium Loungers
  • Vichy Showers
  • Sound Therapy through water or stone
  • Chromotherapy
  • Wave Projection for Meditation
  • Massage Chairs
  • Sound Wave Chairs
  • Zero Gravity Loungers
Sales & Support

Repairs and Remodelling

Ever aware of the need to effectively repair and remodel spa facilities, Design for Leisure can offer many solutions using the cutting edge products and technology being used to create the latest and greatest new spas around the globe.

We can cure leaking steam rooms, showers and pools often with the simple application of our waterproof lining systems manufactured by our partners Lux Elements. This can often be done using existing structures as long as they are still sound and overlaying existing tiled finishes, even if they are leaking or porous, because we fit a completely new waterproof skin to the structure, which is left ready to receive a new decorative tile or stone finish. We can dress to existing drains and in most cases, even doors can be preserved as long as they are not leaking as well.

Caring for the environment should be the responsibility of everyone, but saving energy has bi-products to the bottom line as well.

Intelligent Spas are the future, microprocessors can control every aspect of the modern thermal suite and the costs of technology are becoming ever more affordable and the benefits of investment easier to see and faster to harvest. Some of the ways a spa can benefit are outlined below:

  • Serviceable Steam Generators – all parts are serviceable or replaceable, no built in obsolescence of a cheap machine accepting it will have a life of only a few years, but buying equipment for the life of the spa is the way forward.
  • Serviceable equipment removes the disappointment of guests faced with ‘Out of Order’ signs, as routine, preventative maintenance ensures equipment runs and runs – even in hard water areas, calcification of steam equipment can be avoided, ensuring the equipment runs efficiently and cost effectively, where it just boils water, not heats rocks!


  • Control systems that are constantly monitoring temperature and adjusting equipment output accordingly are vital, especially for spas with peaks and troughs in usage patterns.
  • Control systems with remote displays or full integration into Building Management Systems are vital to energy efficiency.
  • Ice fountains that produce ice on demand, rather than just topping up a bowl, and letting it melt away throughout quiet periods not only save energy, but prolong the active life of the equipment.
  • Automatic essence dosing systems controlled by steam generators that only operate when steam is being produced, ensuring the perfect atmosphere for bathers, but saving on waste.
  • Sauna stoves and steam generators that have power factor adjustments ensuring they can be customised to the exact size of the cabin in which they are sited.
  • Construction systems with known and provable U/R values to ensure the heat stays in the cabin where it belongs and not heating up the rest of the building
  • Sauna conversions to fit underbench heaters to reduce damage by guests who have a heavy hand with the sauna bucket, not to mention being careless with towels on exposed stoves, or the benefits of maximising bather space, saving on real estate at the same time as enhancing the guest experience.
  • Our solutions can often be specified remotely and equipment and installation instructions supplied for fitting by local tradesmen or facilities departments

Equipment, Spares, Sales and Support

In our commitment to support our clients, we have stocking depots in Austin, Texas and Cancun, Mexico serving Continental North America, distribution points in the UK and Germany serving Europe and one in Dubai serving the GCC region.

We hold spare parts for our products and the consumable items that keep our products and their beneficial treatments operating at their optimum.


  • Essences for all thermal experiences
  • Essences
  • for Experiential Rain Showers
  • Rasul bathing mud
  • Consumables for dry floatation systems
  • Spare parts and fittings for all DFL supplied and installed equipment

DFL Wholesale

DFL Wholesale


DFL are delighted to announce their soon to be launched associate business dedicated to supplying our range of professional spa products to Home Owners, Contractors and Operators.

Spa Technology Professionals LLC is our associate group company aimed to launch late 2017, where our entire range of products, spare parts and consumables will be available to order from a web shop style site.

The product ranges featured will include, but not be limited to:

Look out for our launch information

Wellness Furniture and Equipment


DFL are delighted to feature a range of UL listed wellness furniture from our partners:

Iso Benessere Wellness and Treatment Furniture And Unbescheiden Hydrotherapy and Dry Flotation Systems


The full product ranges can be viewed via the links above but in summary we offer specialist wellness treatment furniture and equipment as listed:

  • Heated Salt Crystal and Quartz Treatment Beds
  • Salt Walls
  • Salt Rooms
  • Salt Generators for Wet and Dry Halotherapy
  • Loungers for Salt Rooms
  • Integrated chromotherapy lighting systems
  • Treatment Room Furniture
  • Sound Therapy Treatment Tables
  • Combination Vichy Shower Systems
  • Wet Treatment and Hamam Tables
  • Hydrotherapy Tubs
  • Dry Float Systems

Global Wellness Institute


DFL are delighted to be associated with the GWI since its inception when Don Genders, our CEO, was invited to establish one of the inaugural 'initiatives' to be established by the Institute to promote education and establish standards within the industry. The Hydrothermal Initiative has since published two editions of 'The Guide to Hydrothermal Spa and Wellness Development Standards' Which is available in hard copy format by using our 'Contact Us' page below, an electronic version of the current edition can be downloaded by clicking on the logo below:

The Third Edition of the book will be published in Fall 2018.

Global Wellness Institute

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